End It For Good - Episode 48

In this episode, I speak with Christina Dent. We dive into what I learned in the last few years that intersect with the work End It For Good focuses on, what is the Science of Hope, and where I stand on the Drug War.

18 May 2022


Brain Health: Unchaining Your Pain - Episode 15

In this episode, we discuss how important trust is in making connections with others, and how adverse childhood experiences and trauma can undermine our ability to make those connections.

10 Jan 2022


The Science and Power of Hope Webinar

As part of the 2021 Mississippi Trauma Conference, I presented this virtual keynote on the Science and Power of Hope. 
In this hour-long presentation, I break down the trauma many people face and how the framework of the science of hope can help a person thrive!

16 Sep 2021


From the FBI to Trauma-Informed Leader

"In this Aww Shift Podcast episode, we have invited Chris Freeze, retired FBI agent and speaker. Traumas haunted millions of individuals worldwide, with some getting help while others stay cooped inside their world. With his 23 years of experience during his FBI career, Chris sets his sight on educating the world about leadership, trauma, and hope."

06 Sep 2021


Trauma-informed Leadership

What are you doing to intentionally build trust, especially with your employees, your clients, and yourself?

01 Sep 2021


(Re)Building Trust: A Trauma-informed Approach to Leadership

Ever wonder why people aren't the leaders they want to be or what the books tell us they should be?
I share some highlights from a presentation where I discussed this point specifically.

25 Feb 2021


Trauma-informed Leadership and Policing with Donna Ladd at MFP

Donna and I talk about what Police Departments need to know about being trauma informed.

18 Nov 2020