What Drives This Former FBI Agent to Still Serve and Protect Will Empower Your Audience to Overcome Any Challenge

Christopher Freeze has a perspective experienced by only a few people when he speaks about how to deal with life’s most pressing challenges.

During his 20+ years of service as a highly-respected Special Agent with the FBI, he tracked down foreign terrorists, investigated violent extremists, recruited international spies, and arrested corrupt politicians.

As a result, he rose to the highest ranks of the FBI and served as the Special Agent in Charge for the State of Mississippi.

Now he wants to share the lessons he learned from those experiences with you.

No matter your profession, Christopher can teach you about demonstrating leadership, embracing vulnerability, and communicating expectations so that kids and adults can overcome challenges and trauma in order to make a positive impact in the world.

During keynote and corporate speaking events, Christopher Freeze exudes a passion that still drives him to protect and serve others during his post-law-enforcement career.

What enables him to connect so closely with audiences is his authentic approach to speaking honestly and openly about vital personal topics such as …

  • Advocating for children who are victims of trauma
  • Teaching companies how to better protect their workplace
  • Training business executives to be inspiring and effective leaders
  • Liberating children and adults from trauma so they can live their best lives

Christopher Freeze learned enduring life principles while dealing up close and personal with some of law enforcement’s most challenging situations.

From this captivating point of view, he’ll engage your group with insights and wisdom that equip them to overcome life’s most rigorous challenges.

Contact Christopher Freeze to make his unique perspective on advocacy, leadership, and security a compelling part of your next industry conference or corporate event.

About Chris Freeze

Christopher Freeze was appointed to the position of Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Jackson, MS Field Office on September 22, 2016.

As head of the FBI in Mississippi, Mr. Freeze worked to strengthen partnerships with public and private sector agencies, bring attention to the challenges facing law enforcement, and encourage individuals to demonstrate leadership in all aspects of their professional and personal life.

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