Become a Trauma-Informed LeaderTM

Learn How to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

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Become a Trauma-Informed Leader TM

Learn How to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Leadership is a lifelong pursuit, not a once-and-done exercise. Does your leadership style promote a safe, stable, and nurturing environment for your employees? Do they feel safe enough to speak up and let their creativity thrive?
Leadership teachings haven't changed in a 100 years. Until now!
Learn why being a trauma-informed leader is the one philosophy that will unlock the fundamentals of leadership in order to better engage and build trust with your employees, clients, and peers.
Transform your current leadership style and become a trauma-informed leader!


The Passion is Still There that Drives Him to Serve and Protect Others During His Post-Law Enforcement Career!
Learn how his ideas on becoming a trauma-informed leader can help you serve and protect the people you value the most!

No matter your profession, Christopher can teach you about demonstrating leadership, embracing vulnerability, and communicating expectations so that people can overcome the challenges and trauma that keeps most people from feeling safe and reaching their potential.
More importantly, he can teach you to become a trauma-informed leader so you can help your employees and your business thrive!
Christopher learned enduring life principles while dealing up close and personal with some of law enforcement’s most challenging situations and refined those principles through his time of serving those in need of public assistance. Those experiences taught him the need and necessity of being trauma-informed. He wants to share with you what he has learned.

"Chris Freeze's presentation challenges district leadership to be mindful of adverse childhood experiences that may, when left unchecked, create a hostile educational environment for all involved."

Dr. Phillip BurchfieldExecutive Director, Mississippi Association of School Superintendents


  • Advocating for people who are victims of trauma

  • Providing insight on how trauma invades the workplace and undermines success

  • Training business executives to be inspiring, effective, and trauma-informed leaders

  • Empowering people so they can live their best lives

Christopher Freeze is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and leadership coach with a perspective experienced by only a few people.
Are you ready to put his experience to benefit and move from your current leadership style to being a trauma-informed leader?

During his 20+ years of service as a highly-respected Special Agent with the FBI, he tracked down foreign terrorists, investigated violent extremists, recruited international spies, and arrested corrupt politicians. As a result, he rose to the highest ranks of the FBI and served as the Special Agent in Charge for the State of Mississippi.
Throughout his career, he learned how adverse childhood experiences and trauma contributed to society's challenges. Now he wants to share the lessons he learned from those experiences with you!
He knows that business leaders, non-profit executives, and first responders face challenges that struggle to be addressed with traditional law enforcement philosophies.
Today he consults with leaders in law enforcement, juvenile justice, corrections, education, businesses, and communities of faith to teach them what he learned about being trauma-informed.