Helping You Become the Hope-Centered and Trusted Leader Everyone Wants to Work With

Discover how the framework of trauma, trust, and hope is the key to impactful leadership.

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Helping You Become the Hope-Centered and Trusted Leader Everyone Wants to Work With

Learn why being a hope-centered and trauma-informed leader changes everything. 

Watch this video to discover why addressing trauma is vital to building hope and trust and changing people's lives.

Have you been wondering why team performance has declined, turnover has increased, and sick days are up?
The answer is simple: trauma creates stress which undermines our ability to trust others.
The Science of Hope is the key to building trust, increasing team performance, and reducing burnout, turnover and sick days.
We help you learn how to become a hope-centered and trauma-informed leader which are the most important steps to building trust with your team, your employees, and your clients.

CHRISTOPHER FREEZE is a retired FBI Special Agent in Charge and former Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Human Services with nearly 25 years of experience helping aspiring leaders to build trust, develop relationships, and achieve lasting success.

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"Chris Freeze's presentation challenges leadership to be mindful of adverse childhood experiences that may, when left unchecked, create a hostile environment for all involved."

Dr. Phillip BurchfieldExecutive Director, Mississippi Association of School Superintendents


  • Advocating for people who are victims of trauma

  • Providing insight on how trauma invades the workplace and hope can build trust and well-being

  • Training business executives to be inspiring, effective, and hope-centered leaders

  • Empowering people so they can live their best lives

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